The piano just needs tuning!

“It hasn’t been tuned for quite a while, I think my wife’s mother had it tuned while they still lived in Upington, but it’s fine, it just needs tuning!”

I have seen 3 pianos in the last 2 weeks in the Helderberg Basin, which people have bought privately, or from second hand furniture shops, which have serious structural defects. In all 3 cases I have had to tell the somewhat shocked new owners that nothing can be done with their beautiful instruments.

PLEASE – if you are buying a piano privately, get a technician to check the piano before agreeing to buy it!

REMEMBER – in most cases and certainly in the long run, it is cheaper to buy a piano from us than to buy one privately.

A child learning to play the piano needs a much better instrument than someone playing casually. If you want your child to continue learning, start with a good reliable instrument.

A piano that is not tuned regularly needs more than “just tuning”.

Piano just needs tuning

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