The piano just needs tuning – regular tuning!

I had the pleasurable experience recently, of root canal treatment!

I say pleasurable, not sarcastically, but because I was utterly surprised by how pleasant it was.

You see, I haven’t been to the dentist often in my life, but the last time was 15 years ago – in a series of 3 visits. I remember it well, because the last of the 3 visits were during the week that I started out on my own. The procedure was to say the least, unpleasant!

Besides the pain, and the dead mouth, the bill was more than my monthly salary (part of the reason I was starting out on my own!).

The dentist had plenty of time to chat to me (it was pretty one sided apart from my occasional grunt in agreement) about the similarities in our business and how important it is to have regular visits to look after those assets – OUR TEETH! Important to catch the problems before they develop into the dreaded root canal treatment. Well, 15 years later, root canal treatment is a far better experience, but can be avoided by regular visits to the no longer so dreaded dentist.

I really treasure the instruments that I go back to year after year. Usually just for straight forward tuning and perhaps standard maintenance, but nothing unexpected!

I have been privileged to see parents buying pianos for children to start learning on and visiting once or twice a year and witnessing the progress and then seeing them disappear into university and then in some cases, pop up in a concert hall or on an international stage.

The cycle repeats itself – different people, but the same pianos. To preserve these assets and to avoid the dreaded root canal treatment, the piano just needs tuning – REGULAR TUNING!

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